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Corporate Training Tools Podcast

This Podcast is for you if you are a corporate trainer, HR professional, instructional designer, talent development officer or E-Learning Professional.

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Aug 28, 2020

Alex Dammann (our guest and training veteran) and Marius Jost (your host) answer the question: "What is Online Training really good for?" and: "What do you have to look out for when it comes to online trainings"

  • What are differences between Online Trainings (including live online and asynchronous aspects) and brick-and-mortar sessions? 
  • Is a real life training as effective as online training?
  • What do lerners and clients report? Do they like online trainings or do they prefer the good ol' trainings in real life?
  • What videoconferencing system would you recommend? Find our videoconferencing provider list down below in the Links section!
  • Is ZOOM any good for online training?
  • What about the GDPR? What systems can you use for your corporate trainings? The answer: use a provider from Europe - you ll find it in our table!
  • What's critical when I am preparing for my talent development measure or when I design my online seminar?
  • Finally, Alexander and Marius are adding crucial points that have a lot to do with the time before you even start your online seminar...