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Sep 10, 2020

What are specific examples of serious games for online trainings? What are good check-ins, energizers and "main dish" serious games?

All games have been tested in their digital version by us and we definitely recommend them. 

    • 1) Great Check-in game: show a picture about <topic of the day> // emojii check-in / check-out (a small step for them)
    • Marius' Check-in Game: Draw a battery on the whiteboard & let all participants draw a line into the battery indicating how much energy they have today / right now / this morning. 
    • As a "respectable" game to transport a topic / learning: Consider the "Change Game"
      • Step 1) Tell all participants to turn their camera off
      • Step 2) Give them ~20 sec. to change "something (up to 3 aspects) in your scene / about your appearance"
      • Have them turn their camera on: Ask the group: “What changes can you spot with the others?
      • After two or three rounds, some learners will notice how they find it harder to introduce change, some find it easier.
      • Debrief with emotional questions or other question types you will find in Julian's free "debriefing cube" (Link below)
      • A good final question for the change game: ”What happened to the changes!” → sustainability

“Is there a story when things went wrong in your online facilitation? 

    • Watch out for performance ceilings
    • Check the performance from the participants side (Is there one person representing a “bottleneck”)
    • never overload your electronic board (such as, or
    • Keep learner's bandwidth limitations in mind


Golden nugget: What is the one thing most online-facilitators are not aware of ?

    • Checking for understanding is harder online:
      • I will answer 2 questions before we start. (Before we start primes them.) Who wants to ask me one of two questions now?
      • Do you have the instructions downloaded to your machine?
      • Use some equialent to J Millers “Bat Signal” on the common board



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